About me

Hello! I'm Emma, the heart and pen behind EasyDogTrainingMethods.com

I love the simple things in life, a quiet afternoon, the joy of minimalism, and spending time with my family and dogs. I'm a bit of an introvert, so sorry for if you won't see many pictures of me 😀 ..

I used to work as an accountant, but the 9-5 life just didn't fit me. So, I decided to follow my heart right into the world of dog training. Now, I share everything I learn about dogs on our blog, EasyDogTrainingMethods.com.

I'm not a professional trainer, but my love for dogs is huge. I find joy in their wagging tails and happy barks. They teach me to appreciate the simple things in life. My dream is to create a big family of dog lovers where we can all share our stories and tips. So, come join me, let's enjoy the simple, happy moments with our furry friends!