why pet insurance is so important?

pet insurance

If you love your dog, please please PLEASE get pet insurance before it’s too late..

You actually NEVER know when an emergency happens, and you won’t feel it until you're in a life and death situation. You think bad things like this don’t happen, but they actually do, accidents can happen, puppies eat everything they see and it can cause blockage.

Wait until the end to read a shocking story about someone who regretted not having pet insurance when their dog had a sudden unexpected accident that made him pay thousands of dollars. 

It’s annoying having a monthly premium until your dog needs multiple sets of X-rays, pain management, and multiple appointments in the span of a couple months. No one would want to be faced with the decision of coming up with $10k for emergency surgery or letting their loved Puppy die. It's like a seat belt, better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

Some people will say it's a waste of money and to just make a savings account for it. The problem with a savings account is that if something happens BEFORE you've built up enough in your account, then what do you do? Also it's finite and depleting. If you have regular issues, your savings account might deplete quickly and then you'll be stuck.

Here is an interesting article you might find useful about comparison between 7 best pet insurance companies: https://theswiftest.com/best-pet-insurance-compared

Over the past ten years or so, pet insurance has gotten a lot more affordable and more options have emerged. If you are getting pet insurance, it is best typically to get it as early as possible while your pet is young. Lemonade's pet insurance offering is solid option on par with the rest of the industry. Lika all pet health insurance plans, it really depends on a variety of variables.

I see pet insurance as an easy monthly cost that gives me peace of mind in case the worst should happen, and I believe it's definitely worth it. I just wish everyone would take the risk a little more seriously.